Top 11 of 2011 RESULTS. Rawkin’ new year to you all!

Results are in, guys. The poll has now been shut and I shall reveal all this instant! Some of the top 11 albums are ones I personally expected to appear up there, but hang about to hear about the top record of the year ;D

The 11th, 10th and 9th places are quite ambiguous, as there 7 albums to take those spaces! I shall use my personal judgement here though, if you’d excuse me.

Numero once.

Adele - 21


Undoubtedly one of the most successful records of 2011, though it only reaches the 11th spot on this blog, seeing as so few of you would actually seem to consider buying this album. I know I wouldn’t; it gets more than enough airplay already, why would I voluntarily choose to listen to ‘Someone Like You’? I have nothing against Adele at all – she has one of the most pleasant, real voices. There’s a good reason why 21 had stayed number 1 in the UK for an insane 16 weeks… it is Adele at her best – I just wonder what 78 will sound like. Some unmissable tracks are ‘Rolling In The Deep and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’

Numero diez.

Chase and Status - No More Idols.

What can we expect from Chase and Status? A whole load of dubsteppy kind of electro kind of guitar-y sound. Some have said that ‘No More Idols’ is an album that grabs you by the wrist upon first listen, but Lets You Go (excuse the pun) pretty soon afterwards. Fair enough; I mean it’s a great one for parties and all, but playing this record more than once a day is far exceeding your recommended daily dubstep intake. Tracks worthy of attention are No Problem‘, ‘Blind FaithandHypest Hype‘.

Numero nueve.

Foster The People - Torches

A great little debut indie number for you (possibly not if you’re over the age of Adele’s last album, however). Foster The People’s ‘Torches’ is perfect if you’re living the XFM/NME dream. Somehow reminiscent of MGMT, they bring the oldschool electro sound into today’s music scene. Wikipedia has this album as “neo-psychedelic”, which is pretty cool. Any band labelled as neo-psychedelic is probably one to check out. But I digress. My point is that these fostering people with torches are definitely deserving of making it into the top 11, with the standout tracks being Helena Beat’, ‘Pumped Up Kicksand Call It What You Want’. (unofficial video).

Numero ocho.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Look what we have here. Half of Oasis. Well, not quite. It’s about time we considered Noel Gallagher as a standalone frontman of a band, rather than constantly referring him to Liam or the rest of Oasis. Those days are, sadly, over. Noel’s achievement with this debut album is commendable though; he has done incredibly well, with this record climbing to the peak of the UK album chart. No longer Oasis, though the Oasis can still be heard in this release, which brings a pinch of salt to the wound, really. I miss Oasis. But Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are a damn good filler for that little hole in my heart. Standout tracks are ‘If I had a Gun’, ‘AKA…What A Life! and ‘The Death Of You And Me, which takes on a slight hint of The Importance of Being Idle, for those of you who remember that tune. And what a tune it was! *sigh*…

Numero siete.

Kasabian - Velociraptor!


Kasabian at a mere number 7? I am astonished, having suspected that this sneaky little dinosaur would steal away to the very top. I have already reviewed this album in the past and you can read it HERE, but as a quick summary: ‘Velociraptor!’ is not for the fussy. Unfortunately, I am fussy. Despite the hype surrounding this September release, I have personally never grown to like it entirely. I mean I like them as people – and the fact they’re good mates with Noel Fielding scores them double points! A few tracks are definitely worth the hype – try ‘Days Are Forgotten’ and ‘Re-Wired‘, which is quite a tune. Possibly Switchblade Smiles if you’re feeling brave.

Numero seis.

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind Of Fix

Yet another album which I have previously reviewed HERE, but it is so utterly brilliant that I have no problem at all with writing about it once again. I know I make it sound like this is the best album there has ever been or something. It isn’t. But it’s good enough to make the anomnom top 11, and definitely good enough to make my personal top 5 (which by the way, I may write up one of these glorious days). Click on the link to read a full review of it, but if you really can’t be bothered, at least give some of these tracks a listen: ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’Lights Out, Words Gone’ and most definitely Shuffle’.

Numero cinco.

Coldplay Mylo Xyloto

A very intriguingly titled addition to Coldplay’s sky high pile of releases, Mylo Xyloto proves that the guys have still got what it takes. They admit themselves that the title makes no sense, saying that “the title doesn’t have any other meaning. I think we’re a band with a lot of history now so it’s nice to come up with something that doesn’t have any history at all. We’ve had that title for about two years on a board and any other potential titles had to be written next to it. Other ones made more sense but we just liked this one, that’s all we can defend it with”. [original article]. I have never really allowed myself to like Coldplay; in the back of my mind I’d always known they were a good band, but never really bothered to make an effort with them. I believe this is my starting point. Tracks that first truly annoyed me now seem brilliant (it’s the change I wanted to happen with Kasabian’s Velociraptor…) for example, I thought  Paradisewas a joke. No kidding. Genuinely thought it was a joke. Now I love it. As well as Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’.

Numero cuatro.

White Lies - Ritual.

Clearly, my friends have voted in this poll… I don’t know of many people (other than myself and that bunch of losers whom I call my friends) who would place White Lies over Adele, but there you go! ‘Ritual’ is the London trio’s second release, somehow more electronised than their first one, yet still addressing the now WL-familiar issues of love, death, religion, bad sex and ethanol and high scores in Solitaire. Charles Cave is guilty of some very confusing and ambiguous lyrics throughout the record, although the grand choruses definitely make up for it. Those proper, air-punching kind of choruses that fill out arenas… (or at least half of Wembley but that’s besides the point). It is preposterously difficult for me to pick out just a few songs for you to check out, but the essential ones must be Bigger Than Us’, Strangers and Holy Ghost‘. (I’ll also slip in Bad Love, as it’s my personal favourite off the album!). Also check out my full review of Ritual HERE and my review of their December 2011 Wembley gig HERE.

Numero tres.

Florence And The Machine - Ceremonials

I am so happy to see ‘Ceremonials’ in the top 3! Florence’s second album is astounding. Maybe i’m slightly biased, as I will always be a fan of anything this woman and her machine does; however, this record is something special. Better structured in comparison to their debut Lungs, with more of those haunting melodies and almost tribal rhythms. I cannot possibly find a single flaw with this album. I just can’t. Perhaps my first review of it will offer you a more structured insight into this masterpiece. Although – lo and behold, I take back my words! I can find a flaw, and that is that somehow, I own the ordinary, non-deluxe copy and I don’t know how. The deluxe copy has 3 extra studio tracks, plus 5 acoustic versions. How did I miss out on such gems!? But to ward off my annoyance, I should probably listen to ‘What The Water Gave Me’, as it’s one of the most strangely peaceful tracks of 2011. Or ‘Shake It Out, to shake it all off. Or ‘Heartlines‘. Or Spectrum‘. Or the whole goddamn album.

Numero dos.

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?

Well, seeing as they’re your typical British indie youngster kind of band, we expected your typical British indie youngster kind of music. And you know what? It’s damn catchy. It’s so catchy I would even consider going to their concert, as they’re the kind of band that will get you on your feet and dancing as soon as you just hear their name, (not that vaccines are something to dance about, they’re pretty painful). ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines’ is the West-London band’s debut album, which has peaked at number 4 of the album charts in the UK, but has allowed The Vaccines to become the fastest-selling band of 2011. No wonder. With indie floor fillers such as If You Wanna’ and a very Editors-esque ‘Post Break-Up Sex’. A worthy album from a band full of potential. Beware though: probably not recommended if you’re now post your teenage years. Unless you want a wave of teenage memories to flood you over… your choice, really.

Numero uno.

So, it was plain to see straight after creating this poll that the album which rose to number 1 was going to be that particular one. Even before I created this poll, I knew I had to start thinking up something to write about this album, having already expected it to be somewhere within the top 11. Well, here are our favourite monkeys from up north.

Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See

With a somehow uninventive artwork and a title worthy of censorship, Arctic Monkeys float right up to the first place of the Top 11 of 2011 list with their fourth studio album, ‘Suck It And See’. I remember having mixed emotions before its release: nobody really knew what to expect. The boys – men, these days – always seemed to deliver, until the release of Humbug, which seemed to divide their fans into those who fell in love with it, and into those who were not so sure. I must say I was the latter. The Alex Turner was also working on the soundtrack to the movie Submarine, whose entire soundtrack had been composed by Mr Turner himself. The he also had to work on this release in the meantime. But Suck It And See, wow, it’s a pretty badass record. I have already written a sort-of-review of it before, (read it HERE), so I won’t say much else about this album other than it definitely deserves the top spot it stole. Again, difficult for me to pick out standout tracks, but Brick By Brick (which I personally had very mixed initial views about), the very rock’n’roll ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chairand also Library Pictures’. Geniuses.

Thank you to everybody who voted! Over 100 votes have rolled in, which makes me pretty damn ecstatic. Hopefully 2012 will bring us some more gems from our favourite artists, as well as introducing a pile of new ones. This is my last post of 2011, so thanks for staying with me for the past year and a very rock’ n’ roll new year to you all! Keep on rawkin’ ;D