Merry 2012!

Hello, fellow peasants. I return, wishing everybody a joyous new year and a successful fulfilment of your resolutions!

…*sigh* Who are you kidding; you’re NOT gonna keep going to the gym for the whole year. Might as well throw THAT resolution out the window! I guess I could say my resolution is to keep on writing, but I’ve already been doing it in the past so it’s not like I’m actually changing anything, so technically it’s not a resolution…. Right, rant over.

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Just a quick 2012 welcoming post, saying hello to everyone and getting excited for this year’s upcoming releases! We will get to see some new material from the Maccabees (pretty soon!), Lana Del Rey, Sleigh Bells, the Killers, and – wait for it – Muse! Lots more are scheduled too, although those may just be rumours. Obviously we’ll also see lots of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga and Madonna and that Cyrus girl, whatsherface, Hannah Montana or something along those ridiculous lines. So, apart from a few of those hiccups, we are in for an interesting 2012! Personally, I am really quite intrigued about what the Muse record will be like. Not getting my hopes up though; it will most likely be somewhat disappointing. But who knows, perhaps the guys will dwelve back into their Absolution era and do re-explore the apocalypse again, since this is probably our last year on Earth. Joyous!

Here, I leave you with some Twin Atlantic. This song has been playing on XFM basically all the time and it’s pretty darn good – thought I’d share (: Cheerio!