Better Off Dead – Lostprophets [MP3]

Random splash of excitement in my life: the blog has almost reached 6k views! Perhaps not as spectacular an achievement as some other bloggers achieve, but an achievement nonetheless. Thanks guys ^^

For the next few days, I won’t be writing very much due to revision for modular exams etc; however, I shall try my very best to write some mini posts every now and again. Not a great start to 2012 but you know, I’m only a lazyarse teenager. You can’t expect very much from that species!

Today, I will talk a little about Lostprophets, one of my all time favourite bands. 3 years after their most recent release The Betrayed, the sextet announce an upcoming album – Weapons – due to strike on the 2nd of April this year. Influence-wise, Ian Watkins says it is simply “frustration with other bands…. why is no one making decent music!?”. No wonder everybody thinks he’s an arrogant twit. Somehow though, if Lostprophets were a nicer band, they would no longer be Lostprophets.

source: Google images

Here is Zane Lowe’s very honest interview with Watkins on his BBC Radio 1 breakfast show. And guess what, my dear friends. I would never slip up on a free download of a new release… so here is Better Off Dead, the new single from Weapons, which you are free to grab from HERE!

..or listen to it first:


(I love how in the interview,  Zane Lowe picks up on the classic LP kick-drum at the beginning!). What do you guys think of the track? To me, it is indeed very standard LP. Vocally, it resembles their earlier material; musically, it is more of the Betrayed kind of sound. No special ornaments on this one though and, frankly, I must note that the standard Lostprophets isn’t quite up to standard. The chorus is great – don’t get me wrong! Very air-punching kind of chorus. So air-punching it could cause a hurricane. Very shouty. Very Lostprophets. I should shut up. And then there’s the break: more guitar, more shouting, more kick-ass drums, and a fading end which makes me hope that the track that follows it would start on a similar note. Overall, not bad! Needs a few more listens, but if this is something to go by for the new release, it means we can expect something big. Grab your weapons!