Earliest Radiohead Demos!

You know that giddy feeling of your favourite band suddenly brushing the cobwebs off of some ancient, unheard-of demos from a time before you were even spawned? That kind of “yeah this is so rare, I might as well consider myself a hipster” sort of feeling?

Such youngsters :') source: Google images.

Radiohead – or, as they were called back in 1986, On A Friday – have just unveiled another couple of tracks from their bedroom-recorded, first ever ever demo, to add to the other two tracks from it that they revealed in November. Musically, all four are definitely recogniasable as today’s Radiohead – it’s still the same voice and a very similar vibe. Somewhat more Smiths, not as depressing and not as experimental in time signatures, but definitely Radiohead – minus Jonny Greenwood.

This is in contrast to the hoax Radiohead track that surfaced onto the web, which was actually a song by a Canadian baker called Christopher Stopa – a track which admittedly features vocals very similar to those of Yorke. “Sit Still” (also strangely dubbed “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge”) was recorded by Stopa in 2001 – imagine the surprise he must have gotten when he realised it was being passed around as an early lost recording of only one of the greatest British musical outputs! Indeed, he says: “What started coming out the speakers sounded extremely familiar and after a couple of seconds I thought, ‘Wait a minute, this is my song!’. My first thought was to think somehow I hit play on my iTunes”. [original source].


Now, here are the four genuine Radiohead tracks, as unveiled as of recently. This probably doesn’t excite any of you, so apologies for having to put up with my random outbursts of musical excitement… but this is exciting!! Recorded whilst they were still at school – now that’s facking retro.