A Sweet/Sour trio: Band Of Skulls.

New single alert!

source: Google images

Band Of Skulls have just released the video for ‘Bruises‘ a new single off the due-February album ‘Sweet Sour’. The song features some very classic Skulls vibes: heavy guitars with heavy distortion over an even heavier drumbeat in the chorus, power punching vocals and general awesomeness. Simple but powerful and badass rock n roll from such a small band – there’s only three of them! Check out the new video:

There is another equally butt-smashing track from Sweet Sour, and it goes by the name of The Devil Takes Care Of His Own. The two tracks so far are indeed more than just promising – if you were hooked by the debut Baby Darling Dollface Honey, you sure as hell will be kidnapped and shipped off to land of skulls for eternity with this second album. I know I will be, so don’t expect me back!

source: Google images.

“SWEET SOUR”, available 20th February 2012 (or pre-order on iTunes)