Ready Yet for Canterbury?

I think I will forever be a Canterbury fan.

Everything, everything they release is superb. Yes, I may be a buttlicker but this band is perfect; why aren’t they more famous!? I love watching them gain popularity with each release, since the very first EP “Thank You”. Now the guys get airplay on the radio and all that malarkey. Are you ready yet?

You’d better be. The band are releasing another single on the 16th January (which will feature on the new album, due sometime in the early part of this year). The song is a fast-paced, quick little punch filled with angst and a vow that “I’m never trusting you” and “I’m only trusting me this time”. Like the majority of their material, “Ready Yet” is unbelievably catchy. Damn.


This is the second single off the yet-unnamed album, the first single being “More Than Know“, out in the late days of last October. An equally energy splurting bomb,  the video for More Than Know features the guys creeping around in a Hampshire forest during the early hours of a day in July, sporting some eloquent (not to mention feminine) masks and seemingly searching for something – or running away? Take note of the strapping of the masked frontman Luke Prebble to a chair. Kinky.


Canterbury are starting 2012 with a bang. A UK tour of most of the major cities which starts on the 20th Janurary and ends mind-February means that the boys have a couple of extra busy months ahead of them. Go see them live! Go go go!!/canterburymusic