Hipster gone Physicist.


I realise I haven’t written for a while – sincerest of apologies, my friends. Please excuse me whilst I tell you of my newfound discovery!

I will be a scientist. A mathematician. An astronomer. Or something. Call me crazy.

I love music, I love writing. But there’s another part of me which screams out at me to pursue my love of maths and that physicsy area of life. So basically, my life has just flipped upside down; I now have an extra A-level on my hands, which means I really need to focus on education. Of course, I will continue to write – I will never give that up! I just didn’t fancy making a stealthy disappearance behind the curtains of education without telling you the reason! It’s like having a text-conversation with someone and them suddenly not replying. Or, worse yet, like a phone conversation and the person at the other end just suddenly hangs up on you without stating their reason. So I’m stating my reason.

Oh I’m not quitting, because I’m no quitter πŸ˜€ Expect a post here and there! It’s just so much more difficult to find the time now.

Here, have a picture of the M42 Great Orion Nebula to cheer you up.

source: astrocruise.com

*sigh* It’s so beautiful D: