Just a Quickie – NME Awards 2012

For some reason, I am growing an increasing dislike towards the NME. There’s something about them that starts to really annoy me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It may be the seemingly inaccurate articles they tend to post. Or the fact they never even acknowledged my work experience application last year. Or the fact they are nominating Muse as “Worst Band” in 2012, after years of buttlicking their beautiful bottoms. What absolute, utter hypocrites.

For this reason, I’m not entirely sure why I voted in their 2012 Awards poll. How ridiculous would it be if Muse received both the “Worst Band” and “Best Live band” award? It’s pretty nonsensical. It’s like being a 6th form student and buying a bus ticket. Technically, you’re under 18, thus still a child – why then are you required to pay the adult fare? We can’t be both! Unless we live in multiple universes….

Digression aside; here, vote. Not to keep the NME alive, but to make sure David Cameron wins the “Villain of the year” award.

source: Google images