The Яich Kids, in a Youth Club.


A spot of fresh local meat for you guys.

Are you a rich kid? Then you’re probably not in a youth club. And if you’re in a youth club, you’re probably not a rich kid. Heck, you’re probably not even a kid at all. You’re probably some average-arse teenager in some teenage indie obscurely named band, possibly with a mirrored letter in the name, writing mediocre songs with lots of synths and guitar riffs which might just barely scrape a pass at Grade 2. Why, then, did Youth Club For Яich Kids name themselves the way they did?

“We’re a bit different to other stuff that usually comes out of Maidenhead, we thought we’d give ourselves a different name… I just had a crazy thought and said it and the guys loved it!” confesses Alex Hayward on BBC Introducing in Berkshire. And rightly so. The Maidenhead-based quintet consists of a talented bunch of A level students, all of whom contribute to the songwriting process and draw influences from own experiences instead of being pretentiously “mature” like some other young bands try to be. Think lyrics of unrequited young love and general youth, accompanied by Vampire Weekend-esque rhythms and Bombay Bicycle Club riffs. You know you love them already.

Having attended a gig they played on the 3rd February in Windsor, I realise just how amazing it would be if all other bands were equally as friendly towards their fans. It felt like I mistakenly found myself at a talent show at the wrong school! There were hands and arms and fan t-shirts and the lot, plus front-row fans pushing into each other, consequently knocking over a speaker plus me and my camera. (I was filming with a bunch of my friends to help them with their AS media project, which gained us early access to the basement where we met the band pre-gig). Beth Cawte, Alex Hayward, Liam Cox, Harry Thomas and Conor Hayward soon took to the smoke-filled stage and played an hour set, which included the likes of Goodnight Denise, Everglades and the definite fan-favourite, Facebook Official. Here is their performance of Goodnight Denise, which may as well have been my recording, though I reckon it must have been taken by the man next to me…

The band have recently gone into a studio and done some recording, so hopefully new material is on the way! Here is the FACEBOOK (official!) and the Myspacealthough admittedly that one’s always a bit dead!