Welcome back, Jack White.

Finally setting aside his numerous side projects for a while, Mr White chooses to ride it solo and bombshell us with his own, own album. I don’t know about you, but I have started to fear that this day would never come, what with the fact that the man never seems to work alone. We are in for a treat though, as “Blunderbuss” waits to be released on April 24th. A treat that is sure to be the best treat ever, if “Love Interruption” is anything to go by!

It’s a moody, snappy little number. Just short of 3 minutes, it consists of a simple and concise yet evidently effective riff, as none other than Jack White himself could have composed it and you know it within the first 3 seconds of the track. Piano, guitar, y’know, the usual – minus the somewhat messy drums, courtesy of Meg White. Sadly though, this ain’t no White Stripes and so the drumbeat of this song doesn’t quite resemble that of any other of Jack White’s tracks – possibly because there is no drumbeat… What there is, however, is a surprising harmony between the man himself and Ruby Amanfu; a blend of two equally choppy vocals which shouldn’t work but does. The song is also accompanied by a very minimalist, somber video, which is excusable because the song itself doesn’t need a big production to unleash its brilliance. Simplicity is the way forward, especially by Mr White’s books. Remember the Hardest Button to Button?

This is not a particularly cheerful number. In fact, it’s quite grim. Why would you want love to leave you dying on the ground or change your friends to enemies?

“Blunderbuss” is out on the 24th April via Third Man Label.