This Week’s Whatnots.

I normally try to stay away from these vague sort of posts, but I have not written for an unforgivable amount of time and thus feel inclined to do a little post on some of my past week’s music discoveries, despite being insanely strapped for time…

1. Tobias Froberg – ‘When We Go To War’

Not particularly recent because from 2010,  but this song is definitely something that has instantly found itself on my “TAKE NOTE OF!” playlist upon stumbling across it. Intriguing lyrics atop a layered and somewhat eerie tune, accompanied by an equally intriguing video. Comes from Froberg’s “The Big Up” album. Don’t miss, seriously.


2. Arctic Monkeys – “R U Mine”

TUNE AND A HALF. So first, the boys attack us with a killer of an album that sweeps us all up in a mega tornado and away into the Arctic,  just to hit us with an aftershock in the shape of “R U Mine” a few months down the line. Stop being so unfair on us guys, stop with the tunes of utter PERFECTION and give us a breather! (Not to mention Turner’s sleek new hairdo… Didn’t I just say to give us a breather!?)


3. Dave Greening – “Amity”

Calming it down a little over here and allowing for some piano-based sounds from someone I have only just recently discovered. Dave Greening is a chap with a bank of 12 LPs full of piano improv, a.k.a heaven, obviously. I will most likely end up writing a separate post about this artist (along with a bunch of other contemporary pianists) in the near future; but for now, become mesmerised by the harmonious melodies of what is undoubtedly the most beautiful and inspiring instrument in the known universe… Excuse my bias.

4. The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

Not a particularly new piece either, but one that is currently being bummed by the whole XFM radio crew, plus myself. No explanations needed really, the video speaks for itself… Never fails to make me smile!


Also, Blood Red Shoes, who are a band have completely gotten lost somewhere among the files of my memory, are due to release an album on the 26th of March, one that will be called ‘In Time To Voices’. The reason I mention them is because of their recently whopper of a track, “Cold“. These two are insanely talented, end of.


source: Google images