A Sweet Sour review… Band Of Skulls.

Excuse this post arriving on your doorstep so late after it should have done, but Band Of Skull’s latest album took a long time to arrive on mine. Technically speaking, it didn’t physically arrive as such on my doorstep; rather, I had the rare opportunity of downloading it as part of XFM’s little gift for me, which included over 300 iTunes downloads. HALLELUJAH THERE IS LIGHT IN THE WORLD.

What I’m trying to get at is the fact that “Sweet Sour” was the first album I bought with the credits, obviously because I felt like I would be missing out on a masterpiece if I didn’t get my hands on it straightaway. Clearly, I would have been right.

source: Google images

The skullful band’s (aha!) second album is a brimful of guitar-driven excellence, dominated by slow yet powerful jams as promised by the first couple of singles:Bruises and Sweet Sour: two songs with strikingly similar vibes to those found on the debut album “Baby Darling Dollface Honey” – a lyric that also coincidentally features on the heavy track “Lies“. 

What I think makes this album so great is the distinct variety in sound between the songs, whilst still managing to stick to the signature Band Of Skulls sounds. For example, take the frankly titled song “You’re Not Pretty But You’ve Got It Going On, (which in itself is worthy of becoming a future single thanks to it energy) and contrast it to the significantly more lulling Hometowns“. Wanderluster is a track with a Foo Fighters-worthy riff and a seemingly difficult time signature to pick out… 7/4? (This is just me trying to incorporate some genuine musical knowledge into a casual blog but failing on every level, so feel free to ignore my pointless tangents…).

A personal favourite must be “The Devil Takes Care of His Own”, just because it’s fantastic and contains a full-on power chorus. Everybody loves a full-on power chorus. I certainly love a full-on power chorus.

I also realise I should probably give the albums I review some kind of rating. How about a rating out of 11 insead of 10, just to be awkward?

Therefore, the anomnom rating for Sweet Sour by Band Of Skulls is a mighty fine 9.5 – they could have treated us to more than just 10 tracks, and I could have treated them to an even higher ranking, maybe…

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