Endless Rain in a Papercup.

I don’t normally blog at 11pm; not many people do. Normal people try their best to fall asleep at this time in order to at least have some minimal energy levels with which they can rouse themselves out of bed the following morning. But it’s raining so beautifully; I couldn’t give a quick post about this peaceful music a miss!
I confess, I am currently lying in bed. I have the privilege though of having my head right next to the open window, where the sound of the raindrops on the pane is most prominent. After a strenuous day at school or work, there really is no better remedy than something as tranquil as nature’s symphony. (Yeah alright I’ll stop trying to be pretentiously poetic now.)
But if ever you feel like you need some background noise to help you concentrate – as contradictory as it sounds! – and there is no pouring rain outside your window, try rainymood.com; it works wonders! When you’re tired of people, tired of work, of everything, listen to some soothing spattering of the rain. Plenty of that in England.