Liebster Blog Award!

Ahoy! My ship has now returned to its harbour after a while of voyaging around the oceans of life. In the time it’s been sailing, I have managed to scoop up a new job, a couple of exams and a blogger award!


The Liebster Blog Award is one of those awards that gets passed around by bloggers to other fellow bloggers whom they reckon deserve it. Some bloggers find it quite tedious, so if I happen to pass the award to you, don’t feel pressured to have to pass it onto another bunch of 5; however, I am delighted to receive one and wish to advertise some new blogs to my readers! I have been extremely lucky to have been nominated twice 😀 My thanks roll out to Eva: a well-spoken blogger whose ‘Favourite Albums‘ collection may as well be my own! She runs her own blog at ‘Music Gets Me By‘ and I urge you to check it out for a fresh outlook on underground music!

The other person I’d like to thank is Olga from Rock Britain’ whose site is not only written in English but – wait for it – in Russian as well! Now, if that’s not kick-ass then I don’t know what is. Her blog is one where an interesting view is cast on British music from a non-British point of view, which I find fascinating!

Here is the tradition where I pass the award onto other deserving bloggers.

1. MuchroomGalore – courtesy of Helen, this site is full of truly random posts that are mostly to do with Muse amongst a handful of other posts, such as the slagging off of Nicki Minaj, gig reviews, and something along the lines of a public diary. Light hearted and humorous!

Check out: Nicki Minaj dissected.

2. The Twist – There’s a good reason for the name! ‘The Twist’ is a site providing regular music, TV and celebrities, blended with general gossip about the world. From the evergoing debates on skinny models to tips on making an excellent horror movie, this blog has a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy!

Check out: Tips on Making An Excellent Horror Film.

3. Soundhall – Continuous updates on what’s fresh on the music scene, brought to us by Ryan – a music enthusiast with an initiative to advertise new, quality artists in town. Not just a blog; Soundhall also has a in-house DJ doing exclusive mixes for the site! Ryan usually seems to wander towards the more electronic/dubstep side of things, although you’ll find posts on some acoustic artists and interviews too. Well worth following!

Check out: Lewis Watson – It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW (Review).

4. Riot On The Radio – Definitely a website you need to follow .Clearly a fan of Later Live With Jools,  Jamie has a knack for writing about GOOD music; I have never come across a post where I disagreed with his opinions! This is certainly a quality music blog which continues to provide its followers with many a brilliant read about releases: new and old, live performances, the lot!

Check out: LP: Arctic Monkeys.

5. The Music Service – Simple but informative blog which does exactly what it promises to do. Set up by John, here is a website that provides many a music review and continuous music news updates. Relatable and straight-talking!

Check out: Jack White: Blunderbuss Review.

Now comes the part where I share 10 things about myself…

1. I used to want to be a novelist. I guess in the back of my mind I’d still love to be one. Perhaps I’ll write a novel after I retire…

2. I used to be into RnB, God help us all. Glad those days are over.

3. I have a collection of champagne corks on my shelf. After any special occasion, I keep the cork for good luck.

4. Thus, I’m one of those sentimental people who will keep something like a coconut soya milk carton stuck to the wall of her wardrobe because it reminds her of this one time she went to London.

5. I love reading, always have, always will. I’d say my favourite book is 1984 by George Orwell or Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. However, I think I will forever love the Series of Unfortunate Events Series because it reminds me of carefree days of childhood spent reading, swallowing hundreds of pages daily.

6. I also love maths, always have, always will. It’s like another language, really. I don’t understand the concept of why people have this hatred towards numbers. Numbers are beautiful!

7. The strangest thing I’ve tried are chicken stomachs. They. Are. Disgusting.

8. I’ve always wanted to be in a band. It’s just a shame I cannot face playing/singing in front of ANYONE, not even my own mum.

9. My first gig was Muse at Wembley, 2010. Quite a large scale event for a first-time concert experience…

10. I am Polish, though you already probably know that. English is actually my second language, you probably don’t know that. Now you do.