This week I’ve been listening to…

Hola. Buried underneath all my revision, I decide to poke my head out momentarily and say hello to the world. I know lots of you also have exams – damn you, silly May – hence here is a post full of music I’ve been listening to to get me through this infernal period of my life…


1. Ben Howard. This guy… I just… can’t… the music… It’s so honest, so heartfelt; every single lyric speaks to your heart; every guitar string plucked plucks at your heartstrings. For a simple guy of 25 to have achieved such skill with his guitar just goes on to show how much passion he has for music. I admit: I may or may not have felt like bursting out crying after ‘Old Pine‘ started playing on my iPod whilst out for a walk. I found myself having to stop, sit down on the grass, and listen listen listen, watching a group of kids throwing a frisbee, so carefree. Give it a listen, if it’s the last thing you do! That, and ‘Keep Your Head Up’, both off the debut album “Every Kingdom Keep your heart strong (:


2. Harper Blynn. This is a band from across the pond who I’ve been introduced to by one of my friends (whose taste in music is pretty infallible, so I knew these guys were gonna be good!). And they are. Tunes large enough to easily fill arenas, yet pleasant enough on the ear without being over the top. So practically perfect! One of my favourites is ‘Knife‘ which you can listen to on the awesome little widget below; another favourite is ‘High End Melody‘ which you can listen to by downloading the free album! Free music + good music + legal music = EPIC YES.


3. Shade of Red. A 5 piece from Cornwall who are influenced by a… err… truly wide spectrum of music, as mentioned on their website: “pop, rock, techno, folk, funk and polka”. What can I say; ANYTHING influenced by polka must be good, no? Or is that just my own cultural bias seeping through? Apologies. What I’m trying to get at is the fact that this combination of sound should not sound good. Looks like an overcooked veggie soup with some ice cream thrown in. But it works. I don’t know how, but it works! I can’t work out how old these guys are, but they are at an age where they can comfortably name a song “8 Bit Video Romance” and successfully mix the 8-bit theme tune of oldschool Mario with a harmonica. Win!