Jeff Buckley, aka Scott Moorhead: 1966 – 1997

 There’s a piece of him in my room, in the form of a guitar. Its name? Buckley.

Not only was he one of the most inspiring musicians of the late 20th century; he was also one of the most genuine, open-minded people to grace the planet which has, sadly, long forgotten what it means to truly love and find peace. It’s days like today, which marks the 15th anniversary of Jeff Buckley‘s tragic departure from this lonely Earth and entrance into a peaceful world of his own, that make me realise that I genuinely regret being born in the times that I was born; why not earlier? Those lucky enough to have ever experienced this man’s powerful lyrics exhibited by his powerful vocals must surely be treasuring the memory. I sure as hell would because, sad but true – seldom does the world see a character so full of emotion enter and exit the stage so abruptly and who yet managed to have a tremendous impact on so many people, stretching long beyond his death. So few artists hold the capability to compose music that would continue to touch the hearts of people all over the world even after they’re gone. Not even his music alone but the values he held, too. 15 years has been quite a while, but Jeff lives on.

“But I don’t believe in a big guy with a beard on a throne, telling us that we’re bad; I certainly don’t believe in original sin. I believe in the opposite of that: you have an Eden immediately from the time you are born, but as you are conditioned by your caretakers and your surroundings, you may lose that original thing. Your task is to get back to it, to claim responsibility for your own perfection”

Yes, you may love him.

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