The Dark Black Dot

I realise this is completely and utterly unrelated to this blog, but it’s very rare that another planet crosses the space between the Earth and our Sun, thus last night’s/this morning’s transit of Venus is a spectacular happening!


Now, I wasn’t insane enough to wake up at 4am to try and observe a black dot – a very special black dot – move across the rising Sun this morning (despite the vague plans of holding a “viewing party” down at a local field with a bunch of equally insane friends) – possibly because this is England and, y’know, a cloudless night-time sky occurs as often as a transit of Venus, i.e. every century or so. Therefore we probably would have seen nothing out of the ordinary; just miserable clouds blocking the view. Luckily, living in the 21st century, we have this thing called the internet. With it comes a treasure chest of images and videos, and thus we are able to watch that dot move across the Sun directly from our computer screen! I’m normally one to want to experience such events live, but hey, 4am is a little early for my liking. Yes, you may call me lazy.

Click here for an over-the-top NASA video of the transit. I like the music.

source: MSN news