I’m still Kele from the Bloc + The Killers are Runaways!

Tonnes of new material being released roundabout now and IT IS VERY EXCITING. Now seems to be the prime time for bands getting back together for an unexplainable reason: The Stone Roses, Bloc Party, The Killers after Brandon’s little side project…

First and foremost, I would like to mention Bloc Party‘s new, quirky little comeback number. After a two-year break (which inevitably felt like a decade at the least), Kele confessed that he was slightly nervous about the potential lack of chemistry between the band. But when the Bloc sat down and wrote “Octopus“, – the first single off their upcoming album Four – a short but mighty little can of raw energy was the result. It has been said that the writing process had some Nirvana influences, which makes for an intriguing mixture when you consider Bloc Party’s usual sound. I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of this record… It’s been far too long! “Four” appears in the stores on 20th August, so you had better be on standby!

Bloc Party’s official website.


We also have the new Killers release, which seems to have received mixed reviews. The song is called “Runaways” and it is a catchy, ‘sing-your-heart-out’ number from the band that kills. (Sorry… couldn’t help myself). I’m not sure about it, I mean it’s alright! Definitely worth a listen. I guess it gives us a taster of what the new album – Battle Born – will taste of, when it arrives in September. Here, have a listen. I’d be interested in your opinions!

The Killers Official Website.