Lifted From The Smoke – The Peasant Dramatic

You may or may not (probably won’t) remember a certain band I wrote about over a year ago. They go by the name of The Peasant Dramatic and oh joy, they’ve got another album out! On the 17th July, the Vermont 9-piece released ‘Lifted From The Smoke’, a chirpy folk-orientated stash of 11 tracks which comprise of quite a varied range of instruments. Well, you have the piano, trombone, cello, guitar… Practically a mini-orchestra, yes! Definitely one “for pumping up through portables on a picnic blanket“, in the words of Taylor Smith, the band’s vocalist, guitarist and saxophonist.


It’s a tough choice, but amidst some of my personal favourites are “You’re It” – a brilliant opening track, and “For Joanna And The Kids“, which is a somewhat calmer piece; one to lull you to sleep. There is also the piano-based “Leaping, Or Breathe Deep…“, which begins calmly too, but just wait till you get past the beautifully simple piano interlude and then around the 2:30 minute mark!

The whole album is quite a hidden gem; in fact, it’s a shame that The Peasant Dramatic are as little known as they are here over the pond (I can deduce this by the simple fact that upon plugging “The Peasant Dramatic” into Google, one of the top posts is the one form this very blog!). If you’re a fan of genuine melodies intertwined by genuine instruments and just general genuineness, give this band a listen and have no regrets!

Check out their bandcamp and try the debut EP, Sleeping Golden October, whilst you’re over there.