The Chevin – ‘Blue Eyes’

source: counteract-magazine.comLife gets pretty exciting when you see a band with shedloads of potential climb up the ladder of fame. I remember seeing The Chevin supporting White Lies at Wembley Arena last December and thinking, “this guy’s voice is magic. Flawless, brilliant magic”. Now I discover that the man behind those astonishing vocal chords – Coyle Girelli – and his Leeds-grown band have released “Blue Eyes” as a single from their upcoming album, ‘Borderland‘, ready to arrive on our doorstep on the 3rd September. 

Blue Eyes has a somewhat softer, more acoustic edge to it than some of the previously released tracks: namely ‘Champion‘ and ‘Drive‘. Regardless, I can personally tell you that Blue Eyes is a track with a hidden ability to get the whole arena dancing to its rhythmic guitars! If you’re going to do one thing today, I pray let that be listening to this song and being swept away by its gorgeousness. If I promise you one thing today, it is that The Chevin will take over the world in time to come. Watch out, they’re on their way.

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