Chris Stocks – ‘Our Time’.


Among an ocean of 21st century artists who prefer to keep all proceeds from released music to themselves, it really is an inspiring change to find a whole music production team that is willing to donate all earnings to charity. Chris Stocks, a 29 year old Leeds-based singer-songwriter, is doing just that – donating proceeds from his new single, ‘Our Time’, to Cancer Research UK.

Cancer has touched everyone involved in this production, and for some of the crew the suffering is very recent.  As a group we wanted to raise money for something that has the biggest impact on the largest group of people and we are proud to contribute to the already sterling work done by Cancer Research UK.

It takes merely one listen to ‘Our Time’ to find yourself taking a dip into a pool of melancholia. Purely acoustic, the combination of guitar, soft strings and powerful vocals that don’t fall short of conveying emotion, is a touching mixture. The haunting video, which is available for viewing before the single’s official release on 20th August, depicts a man and a woman “experiencing an all too familiar story”, thus unfortunately being more relatable than anyone would wish. Directed and produced by the recently founded IGUN Pictures, the video stars the likes of Corrie‘s Bill Warden, Samantha Cunningham and IGUN’s own Laura Carter.

The fact that Chris Stocks and the team have decided to allow the proceeds to go to charity is a bittersweet one. The whole project is accompanied by the slogan, ‘Everyone Knows Someone...’, which again is sadly all too relatable. Chris Stocks himself had taken ill with meningitis five years ago, which had become a powerful inspiration to write music that would be featured on such projects in the future. The result is ‘Our Time’: a stunning song about an aching heart. Watch the video below.

Chris Stocks: official website

IGUN Pictures official website

(As a sidenote: Fancy a bit of trivia? IGUN comprises of Anthony Lewis, Chris Lewis and their partners, Laura Probin and Laura Carter. Yes, you’re correct for recognising the link between the two brothers and Matthew Lewis, the Harry Potter name behind Neville Longbottom who is involved in funding this project. The fact that I’ve been contacted by his brother is, admittedly, quite exciting for a Potterhead like myself!).