Blog Update – Lone adventures of an independent blogger.

Sometimes, I find I get a little frustrated with myself for inconsistent blog posts. There are days where I’ll blog something a few days in a row, whilst at other unfortunate times, I won’t post anything for at least two weeks – either because I have no time, or there’s nothing to write about, or I’m being plain lazy. For this reason, I had recently been considering “recruiting” a few writers, as to speak. Just to branch this blog out a little.

After giving it some serious thought though, (and I’d never thought a blog could ever require such deep contemplation!) – I’ve decided it best to keep Anomnom as an independent thought output. Almost two years ago, I began this journey just for the fun of it; it would be a shame to turn it into something else. I mean, it would be fantastic to provide all my readers with consistent music news; but then again, isn’t that what professional blogs and institutions are for?

Hopefully this doesn’t change your opinions about Anomnom (on a sidenote: why would anyone ever even consider a blog with such a ludicrous name as something professional?), as nothing is actually changing. But every lone wanderer needs help from friends, so as not to get lost amid his ventures.  I’ve had some fantastic support from friends and family whilst being an independent blogger, and a great, big over-the-top bear-hug goes out as a THANK YOU! to anyone who has ever commented on, liked, retweeted, followed or rated any of my posts! One thing I can tell you now: there’s plenty more to come!

Thanks for sticking with me and my occasionally biased outputs!