‘Skeleton’ – The Disraeli Gears

The Disraeli Gears: Teia Fregona, Tom Kitson, Alex Moorse, Sam Delves

Do a little Google search on “Disraeli Gears” and you’re bound to be bombarded by results referring to the album by the 60’s group Cream. Nope, not the correct band. I’m talking about THE Disraeli Gears: a “one part South-African and three parts English” fresh new band on the block, whose debut single ‘Skeleton‘ is an impeccable blend of soft guitars and emotional vocals over a drumbeat with an almost military purpose, gracefully marching you into insanity – as is perfectly demonstrated by food colouring swirling vigorously in oil suspended atop some water in three glass jars. Simple and supereffective!

What draws me into this track is its dark undertone, somewhat reminiscent of Esben And The Witch. Teia Fregona’s vocals add to this almost haunting effect, with variations between emotional choppiness and a floating buoy on a wave. And as more food colouring is added to the jars, the guitars begin to weave in and out of each other’s way, the blobs of colour swirl and swirl and all is madness. The scientist in me approves!

Of course, what ties this 6-minute bundle up with a pretty ribbon is the fact that The Disraeli Gears have put ‘Skeleton’ up for free!(Download links below video). I warn you; do not let this gem go to waste! Listen, watch in HD and spread the word (:

Download links: