Best of 2012!

Scrabble pieces source:

Scrabble pieces source:

Well hello there. Guys, it’s that time of the year when you can legitimately and without a shade of humiliation listen to that Christmas track Mariah Carey recorded some years ago, dancing around in a cute santa dress in the snow, just keepin’ on waiting underneath the mistletoe. Or that one with these two people insulting each other and calling each other horrible names, all in the spirit of Christmas. The Pouges it is!

The point in this post is to begin to draw this beautiful year of great music to a close. 2012 has been musically quite memorable – both for some good as well as horrendous reasons (err… No Doubt have, without a doubt, topped the 2012 Musical Disasters chart!) – but I choose to focus especially on some of this year’s album releases. Amongst those, we’ve had some brilliant new talent enter the scene (Jake Bugg, anyone? How about a dose of alt-J?), as well as some inevitable garbage (no, Muse, please don’t EVER touch dubstep again!).

The time has come for you guys to decide which would make your Top 5 of 2012! (This was originally going to be a “Top 12” but 12 albums is really pushing the boat out quite far…) Thus, you must only choose the 5 you think deserve some sort of prize. Preferably a cookie. Mmm.

You have from now until midnight 26th December 2012 to ensure that your favourites make the top! Go go go 😉