Introducing: Tom Dibb

You remember that post I wrote about my respect for buskers? Well, with such festive spirits in the air, I happened to befriend one particular guy with a captivating guitar, voice and smile last weekend. Tom Dibb was just there with his guitar case and a bunch of CDs inside, a mic and an approachable personality. “Ah what the hell“, my friend and I thought, deciding to stop for a chat. After all, you don’t always get to meet an underdog Newton Faulkner… just without the dreds!

Currently based in London, Tom shares my hometown, Slough, where he was brought up. It appears his best friends are his camper van and a cap/woolly hat, depending on the weather. And as the winter has really started to show its true colours, we found Tom all kitted out in winter gear, although we reckoned that a hot chocolate always makes things a lot better!

source: my camera!

source: my camera!

I managed to scoop up one of his musical offerings for a mixture of coins, edible money and a cup of hot choc – no joke! And I’m quite glad I did, as ‘Repeat What I See’ is one of those perfect little albums to chill out with. He sings of little moments of inspiration that you find on a daily basis; everyday scenarios you can draw influences from. In fact, his Facebook biography reads: “Influences: London, faces, friends, enemies, landscapes… Jeff Buckley” – the guy scores a bullseye with that last one! What can you expect from Tom’s music? Honesty. Shedloads of it. A few Spanish rhythms too, as well some tongue-twisting, nonsense syllables!

Tom, working with the label Insomnia Music, has completed his Café Nero tour in August, as well as supporting Juan Zelada at London’s Scala back in November. Check out his Facebook and Official Website!