Introducing: JP Cooper


With a voice to shake the roof, JP Cooper is the first unsigned act of 2013 that I present to you. The reason for this is.. well, pretty self-explanatory. I am hooked and I am about to make sure that you are, too.

Manchester’s very own, this singer-songwriter incorporates soulful lyrics with the classic tones of acoustic guitar; also blending in some soothing cellos and violins along the way, in order to create beautiful, beautiful sounds. But with a myriad of acts of a similar genre floating around these days, what makes JP Cooper stand out? For me, it’s the emotion he pours into his performance; the way you can just tell he would not for the world want to find himself anywhere but right where he is at that moment: on stage, where he rightfully belongs. Somewhat Newton Faulkner-esque, both sound and appearance-wise, but somewhat a lot more soulful and bluesy.

In June 2012, JP Cooper released his inventively named debut ‘EP1’, which contains 4 tracks and 1 live performance, soon followed by equally aptly titled ‘EP2’ – both of which are available via Bandcamp here. My personal favourite has to be ‘The Only Reason’ from the second set of songs, due to its mellow tone worthy of inclusion on anybody’s playlist of “SOPPINESS”! ‘I’ve Been Watching’ is also worthy of note; in fact, this was the song that was the link between my ignorance and introduction, leading to full appreciation of this artist. Since the release of these EPs, he has been (and still is!) playing some small-scale shows around the UK, so be sure to catch a spot of this 2013 on-radar talent.

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