Introducing: Oliver Sadie

It’s about time I shared some classical gems with you. I would like to introduce the music of Oliver Sadie into your life – you’ll thank me later! His works are among my favourite contemporary piano music pieces and what I love about Oliver’s music is that I can always, always find a track of his to fit my mood. This doesn’t happen with many artists.

London’s very own, Oliver composes music for film and TV, as well as creating various collaborations with artists in and out of the country, sharing them for our listening pleasure on Soundcloud. Not only have I really enjoyed his own compositions and improvisations, but also those of the other artists he collaborates with – Kine Hjeldnes and Dave Greening being some personal favourites.

I have been meaning to write about Oliver’s music for a while now, though I decided to acquaint myself with it in more  depth before I said anything! I’d like to share with you some tracks worthy of note, each one special for its own feel and emotion it puts you through.

For childhood memories: ‘I Miss You’

Somewhat reminiscent of The Sugarplum Fairy, these delicate plinks of piano put you in this strange, nostalgic trance where blurry visions of past events roll out as if in a cinematic slideshow. The high choral backing steps in towards the end, stirring in a beautiful hint of eeriness. Close your eyes and try it.


For a general outpour of emotions – ‘Ignite In Darkness’

A completely improvised, unedited piece where the emotions just come pouring right out of the heart! I always wonder what goes on through the artist’s mind when they improvise, for I know just how much your current emotions can influence what you’re playing (and I send apologies to my own piano for abusing it now and again!). In this particular piece, I hear disappointment, pain, perhaps a hint of hope as a flicker of light ignites the darkness.


For dramatic changes – ‘Of Certainty’

Another improvisation, just with an ensemble of strings to add to the build up around the halfway mark. I just love the sort of mechanic piano undertone with layers of swishy strings on the top to add to the drama of this piece. The sole ending of it is brilliant too, that mixture of twinkly, then heavy piano. Mesmerising.


For a calming collaboration – ‘Father‘, with Kine Hjeldnes

This soothing piano, with an equally soothing layered vocal from Kine, is an essential track for your playlist of lullabies! I think the haunting voice suits the tone of the piano perfectly; definitely a track for the closing credits of an emotional film.


First track heard, first track loved, forever a favourite: ‘Battles Lost, Wars Won’

The loss, the search, the hope, the crushing by reality. Something about this stunning piece has always moved me. Mostly improvised again, with some edited chamber strings. This track has inspired a short film about the loss of a child by Ronnie Reffin, brilliantly capturing the general feel and emotion created by the sound. [Watch the video here]. 

‘Battles Lost’ was, I’m sure, the first of Oliver’s pieces to reach my ears; it will therefore probably always remain my favourite. But then again, with such a variety of pieces, I’m quite excited about his future releases and collaborations and urge you to stay tuned via his official Facebook and Soundcloud to hear about future works because, apprently, THIS is in store…