Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group, ‘Nighthawks’

Upon receiving a cheery e-mail from the frontlady of Maglia Rosa Group, I was instantly intrigued to check out the music behind the friendly introduction. I’m glad I did too, for I have discovered a band that is wonderfully different from your usual indie blend of just synth and guitar. Let me introduce you to Maglia Rosa Group’s world of experimental effects, memorable riffs and haunting, high vocals.

The Norwich four-piece have released their debut EP, ‘Nighthawks‘ last December, also the title of the leading single. When its first sung note reached my ears, I immediately couldn’t help but draw a brief comparison with Evanescence’s very own Amy Lee. Yup, I said it. Admittedly, no one could ever match the sheer power of Lee’s vocals – though this doesn’t mean that MRG’s Daisy wouldn’t be capable of such a feat! The music itself is somewhat friendlier than Evanescence’s gothic, heavy guitars; in fact, I’d call it an amiable fusion of chilling rhythms with a clear focus on the lead guitar, which makes way for the vocals whenever they appear and drive the music. Throw in a bit of flute and occasional synths and you have the perfect recipe for a Maglia Rosa Group track!

The video for ‘Nighthawks‘ is one that captures the mysterious, somewhat gothic mood of the song flawlessly. I’d even go as far as saying that it carries an almost Kate Bush-esque vibe about it, in terms of creativity: lots of blurred camerawork, lots of arm dancing, lots of close-ups, lots of red. Check it out for yourself and be amazed!

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