Jeff Buckley was So Real.

Excuse this random out of the blue reflection, but my shuffled playlist did a great job of reminding me today just how amazing Jeff Buckley and his music were – and I reckoned it would be nice to remind you guys too! I’m talking Buckley in general, but especially ‘So Real‘, one of my personal favourites from his only fully complete album, ‘Grace‘.



It hooks you from the very first strum of guitar, promising something very special is to come. The instrumentals of this song are really just perfect for a relaxing summer stroll and I love how the strange time signature of the verse sort of establishes itself into a more followable rhythm during the chorus – although I’m not one to talk about time signatures, I’ve never been great with those myself. But, do you know what I mean? As if the musical confusion created within the verse is momentarily resolved in the chorus, then jumbles up again and sorts itself out again then jumbles up again, so on. And it’s all very misty throughout, this weird sort of ‘morning vision’ blur running throughout the song, as if nothing is really quite awake until sort of about midway through, after the little guitar breakdown part.

What are the lyrics actually about? It’s hard to say. To me, I suppose Jeff is reflecting on the simple things in life, the ones that are most real and yet they are so far detached from reality that they can almost be surreal? I don’t know, Jeff was a witty man and it seems not unlike him to insert a bit of wordplay with ‘so real’ to sound like ‘surreal’! Simple things, as mentioned in the first verse:

Love, let me sleep tonight on your couch
And remember the smell of the fabric
Of your simple city dress

and then talking about (not) stepping on the cracks in the pavement so as not to hurt his mother – yup, remember that silly childhood game you used to play when walking along a pavement? Where if you stepped on a crack, something bad was going to happen? Little things for little people.

I’m sorry, I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this post is – I guess I just couldn’t help but share with you a regular dose of my admiration for this man. Isn’t it creepy how he practically predicted his own death in ‘Dream Brother‘, too!? Talking about a drowning man? Creepy.