Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ‘Sacrilege’

It’s been a while. Both since I last wrote (my apologies; I’ve been lacking inspiration lately) and since they’ve brought out any new material. Who? Those triple yeah’s that seem to have disappeared off into nothingness. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s are back. And they have gone all gospel choir. Brilliant!



I am talking about ‘Sacrilege’:

/sakrəlij/, noun: “Violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred”. 

Dramatic as ever, perhaps even more so by the looks of this lead single of their upcoming album ‘Mosquito‘, the YYYs have apparently tuned their ears to recent headlines and embraced the whole idea of exposing religious figures one would regard as sacred, shedding light on behind-the-scenes actions and their potential consequences… i.e. being burned at the stake. This you can see happening during the opening shots of the non-chronological video accompanying the single, where British model Lily Cole (mmmm…) meets her well-deserved fate. Burn the scandalous slag. Grrr.

I have mentioned the video’s blatant non-linearity; indeed, a worrying number of Youtubers, whose average IQ is famed to exceed the likes of Einstein, have somehow failed to realise that the deceivingly baby-faced protagonist of the video can’t possibly be first burned at the stake, then go on to sleep with not only the priest but also every man (and not only man!) in the village, then walk down the aisle dressed in white to symbolise purity. Questions are then thrown, “What even is this video?!”, or “This is the stupidest thing ever, it makes no sense!”, or simply, “What the hell did I just watch?”. I’ll tell you what: rearrange the rather raunchy series of events and then try to make sense of it. How hard can it be?

Enough about the somewhat NSFW clip though; I think the song itself is no less than brilliant. Perhaps the gospel choir element to it is a little surprising, as it’s not something one would normally associate with the YYYs. Nonetheless, it makes for a nice return to their original sort of ‘fuzzy’, lo-fi sounds (how else can I describe the debut album, Fever To Tell!?) and Karen O’s voice stands as strong and sexy as ever; still a sure leader of female power among 21st century rockers. Way to go, lady!

Mosquito‘ is out 15th April