Canterbury: ‘You Are The One’. Oh yes you are.

Rejoice! Canterbury are back in the studio! Christmas came early.

Today, the guys have unveiled an appetite-whetting teaser of what is to be of their third studio album, unnamed as of yet and soon to be in production. Today’s release goes by the name of ‘You Are The One‘ and it is absolutely everything we would normally expect from the band: ENERGY. Lots and lots and even more energy. Shedloads of the stuff. If this is anything to go by, we have a whopper of an album brewing up on the horizon.

Leaving behind Sweet Lime Records, the record label behind their sophomore album, Canterbury have decided on a new production team as things begin to get big for the band. Their ally of choice is Hassle Records, the father of some other renowned 21st century rockers, namely the likes of Fall Out Boy (remember them?) and We Are The Ocean – making it “the natural choice for us“, they say.

It feels great to have a whole new team on board! Hopefully take us that next level.

But no release date has been set, as it currently stands. The guys have decided to embrace the powers of Pledge Music and their loving fans to get the ball rolling, offering exclusive goodies for a few pounds. Signed CDs, t-shirts, that infamous chair from the ‘More Than Know’ video or perhaps a guitar lesson with Mike Sparks himself, if you have that sort of budget. Personally, I believe I should be eligible for a free lesson just for writing this post, but I guess that’s an unlikely scenario… I shall dream on!

Until the anticipated release though, the guys are playing some live dates in the next few weeks:



Here are some worthy links if you’d like to get to know the band a little more. I know I post them on every one of my Canterbury posts but I’m only trying to spread my fanfever!

Pledge Music: pre-order the album and get your hands on a free download of ‘You Are The One’