Summertime sounds.

My friends, we meet again. I have decided to get past the prospect of a potentially embarrassing come-back after such a lengthy silence and write a little something, since for the first time in a preposterously lengthy while I actually have some time on my hands! Don’t get me wrong; this is quite the calm before the storm. Guys, I’m off to the University of Warwick to be a physicist this October. Physicist-slash-mathematician. I can’t believe it! My life is about to disintegrate into a whirlwind of lectures, books, calculators and er.. other usual student antics, presumably. But allow me not to stray from the main purpose of this blog…

I’ll keep it to the point. This summer, I have been listening to an utterly random mixture of absolutely everything! I’ve even gone as far as listening to NORMAL MAINSTREAM RADIO, OHMAHGERRRD. Joking aside though, I have managed to find a little something for every situation for the past few weeks. Here’s a little selection!

1) ‘Diane Young’, Vampire Weekend

The video: a party of hipsters smoking weed from a sax. At least I think it’s a sax. Either way, this song is such a weird little number: totally hyperactive, full of random vocal effects and even more nonsensical lyrics. Once you get past trying to work out who Diane Young is, there’s something brilliantly lightweight about this song. The rest of the album, ‘Modern Vampires Of The City‘ is also worth a go!


2) ‘Too Close’, Alex Clare

Okay, so admittedly I hadn’t come across this track before, despite its 2011 release. Better late than never though, and I am glad that ‘Too Close’ has stumbled across my path! Not only is the heavy bass so damn chilling; the lyrics just depict the so-called ‘friendzone’ in the best way possible. I also can’t help but imagine that if only light was shining out of the swords, the fighting scene between the two dark-clothed characters would be somewhat resemblant of a pair of Darth Vaders having a fight… minus the lightsabers.


3) ‘Wings’, Birdy

Considering this girl is barely 17 years of age, she has done pretty darn well. With her innocent, melancholic image and voice, Birdy (real name Jasmine) is set to conquer the world, no less! I just really want to give her a hug. Or be her. Whichever one’s easier.


4) ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’, Bastille

Technically, Bastille’s whole debut album ‘Bad Blood’ is worthy of mention thanks to its brilliance; alas, this is my single track of choice due to many a car journey singing my heart out to it and perhaps coming close to causing an accident… but let’s not mention that! Bastille are a hipster’s dream, really: synths and outrageous hair, courtesy of their lead Dan Smith. Nonetheless, I would still kill for a pair of tickets to see them live!


5) ‘Summertime Sadness’, Lana Del Rey + Cedric Gervais (remix)

Yes. It’s been overplayed. So what? Constantly hearing this song on the radio has made it grow on me since the first time I’d heard it because, frankly, I hated it. I hated the whiney voice, the dancey beat juxtaposed with the lyrics which clearly speak of err,.. summertime sadness due to a lover’s absence. But you know, this song – and mainly the remix in question – is actually something that over some time, I’ve found to be really enjoyable to just dance around the room after a long day at work. But don’t tell anyone.


6) ‘You’re Not The Only One’, Jamie Cullum

Everyone: meet my husband. The above version is evidently a live session and it just highlights Jamie’s natural talent without the need for perfecting instruments, such as most artists these days can’t cope without during live performances. This, my friends, is why he is deserving of far more recognition than he receives and I make it my mission to force his talent upon you! Go listen! Go!


That is it for now, methinks. I would very much like to also get my hands on Arctic Monkeys’ new album, as it sounds like an essential thing to have in my humble collection. Once I do, I may get myself together and continue to write… I have missed this far too much! Cheerio  and thanks for reading!