Lucy Rose: ‘Like I Used To’

You may call her the humble princess of nu-folk, but Miss Lucy Rose is not to be taken for a defenceless, little voice of the background noise. The girl is armed with the power of song and she is out to shape her destiny: not merely as background decoration for Bombay Bicycle Club, but as a songstress in her own right.

'Like I Used To'

What does it say on that radio?

Having heard one of her first singles, ‘Middle Of The Bed’ last year, I was hooked. Firstly by her wispy, porcelain voice and secondly by the upbeat acoustic guitar strum. A simple, straight to the point “I’m over you” sort of message. Last August, the Warwickshire-born 23-year-old released her debut album, ‘Like I Used To‘ , accompanied by a string of singles you may have heard on the likes of Xfm or Radio 6: ‘Bikes’ with its summery pleasantries reminiscent of childhood to match her wispy fringe; or perhaps the more recent ‘Shiver’ which is a fragile poem with a fragile theme.  It makes me want cuddle up to my duvet and slumber my life away… In the most positive way possible, of course!

The whole album tends to make me feel that way, which may well be the reason for its presence on my ‘Calm‘ playlist. And whilst some would mark that down as a negative, I believe that it allows Lucy to be exactly who she wants to be without any pressure. Saying that, her debut release does contain numerous power perks: take ‘Bikes‘, ‘Watch Over’ or ‘Little Brave’. Another somewhat confusing little number is ‘Lines‘.

Lucy is starting to feature as one of my favourite new kids on the block, as they say or whatever. Okay so she’s older than me but hey, she’s still new on the block so my argument stands! I’d recommend if you’re into the likes of Daughter, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and, of course, good old Bombay.

Sleep well, thanks for reading, rock on (:

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