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Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group, ‘Nighthawks’

Upon receiving a cheery e-mail from the frontlady of Maglia Rosa Group, I was instantly intrigued to check out the music behind the friendly introduction. I’m glad I did too, for I have… Continue reading

Introducing: Oliver Sadie

It’s about time I shared some classical gems with you. I would like to introduce the music of Oliver Sadie into your life – you’ll thank me later! His works are among my… Continue reading

‘Skeleton’ – The Disraeli Gears

Do a little Google search on “Disraeli Gears” and you’re bound to be bombarded by results referring to the album by the 60’s group Cream. Nope, not the correct band. I’m talking about… Continue reading

St. Spirit – Something Terrible… is coming [MP3]

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you discover a new band and they instantly make it to the top of your “Priority Pile” of blog posts to publish? No? I… Continue reading

The Adelines – “Little Games”

Fresh music, yay! This dose of freshness is brought to us by a four-piece who name themselves The Adelines – you probably haven’t heard of them. Thank me later. Managed by none other… Continue reading

iTunes Festival 2012

Here is a reason why sometimes I’m really glad for iTunes. FREE FESTIVAL. Every year, London’s Roundhouse devotes a month to a string of relatively small scale gigs of big artists. The only… Continue reading

This week I’ve been listening to…

Hola. Buried underneath all my revision, I decide to poke my head out momentarily and say hello to the world. I know lots of you also have exams – damn you, silly May… Continue reading

1st Ecollab: Charlie Brown

Very rarely do you get Youtube-based collaborations so damn good that the views shoot up to a lovely 10k within 24 hours of uploading. (In comparison, this blog has taken just over a whole… Continue reading

Better Off Dead – Lostprophets [MP3]

Random splash of excitement in my life: the blog has almost reached 6k views! Perhaps not as spectacular an achievement as some other bloggers achieve, but an achievement nonetheless. Thanks guys ^^ For… Continue reading

Noisetrade – A hipster’s heaven.

I am an absolute weakling for new music. Obviously, there are things in everyone’s music collections which will forever remain favourites. But do you ever feel that twang of delight upon discovering a… Continue reading