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Canterbury: ‘You Are The One’. Oh yes you are.

Rejoice! Canterbury are back in the studio! Christmas came early. Today, the guys have unveiled an appetite-whetting teaser of what is to be of their third studio album, unnamed as of yet and… Continue reading

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ‘Sacrilege’

It’s been a while. Both since I last wrote (my apologies; I’ve been lacking inspiration lately) and since they’ve brought out any new material. Who? Those triple yeah’s that seem to have disappeared… Continue reading

The HMV Demise.

It was inevitable, really. I’m not going to pretend to be a business expert but, from what I understand, the company has been wilting miserably over the past couple of years, because in… Continue reading

Introducing: Tom Dibb

You remember that post I wrote about my respect for buskers? Well, with such festive spirits in the air, I happened to befriend one particular guy with a captivating guitar, voice and smile… Continue reading

Best of 2012!

Well hello there. Guys, it’s that time of the year when you can legitimately and without a shade of humiliation listen to that Christmas track Mariah Carey recorded some years ago, dancing around… Continue reading

Mumford and Sons deliver Babel!

Call it folk. Call it cringeworthy. Go ahead, you may even call it unauthentic. But there’s one undeniable fact about Mumford And Sons‘ new album ‘Babel‘ – it has definitely passed the “shaky… Continue reading

Blog Update – Lone adventures of an independent blogger.

Sometimes, I find I get a little frustrated with myself for inconsistent blog posts. There are days where I’ll blog something a few days in a row, whilst at other unfortunate times, I… Continue reading

Muse – ‘Madness’ BBC1 premiere

Please excuse the abundance of Muse on here lately, but they keep releasing material that I keep having mixed opinions about. Here’s another one. I promise this will be quick. I think it’s… Continue reading

Chris Stocks – ‘Our Time’.

Among an ocean of 21st century artists who prefer to keep all proceeds from released music to themselves, it really is an inspiring change to find a whole music production team that is… Continue reading

This man is hearing music for the first time in his life.

This man is hearing music for the first time in his life.

Reading this very post simply reminded me of why music matters so much. It is the one thing in our lives that has the sheer power to connect everyone, everywhere. I am so happy for this man! Music shouldn’t just be listened to; it needs to be heard.