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Lucy Rose: ‘Like I Used To’

You may call her the humble princess of nu-folk, but Miss Lucy Rose is not to be taken for a defenceless, little voice of the background noise. The girl is armed with the power of… Continue reading

The Perfectest cover of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’.

I have found THIS and I’m in love. IN LOVE I SAY GODDAMIT.   Landon Austin, Luke Conard, Alex Goot. Get it on iTunes?

John Newman: ‘Tribute’

Swept away by the mania of revision and maths assignments, I haven’t been here for a while. This place is a little dusty… But wowee, this is my 150th post! I shall therefore… Continue reading

James Blake: ‘Retrograde’

No words needed. This is class.

Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group, ‘Nighthawks’

Upon receiving a cheery e-mail from the frontlady of Maglia Rosa Group, I was instantly intrigued to check out the music behind the friendly introduction. I’m glad I did too, for I have… Continue reading

Introducing: Oliver Sadie

It’s about time I shared some classical gems with you. I would like to introduce the music of Oliver Sadie into your life – you’ll thank me later! His works are among my… Continue reading

Introducing: JP Cooper

With a voice to shake the roof, JP Cooper is the first unsigned act of 2013 that I present to you. The reason for this is.. well, pretty self-explanatory. I am hooked and… Continue reading

Introducing: Tom Dibb

You remember that post I wrote about my respect for buskers? Well, with such festive spirits in the air, I happened to befriend one particular guy with a captivating guitar, voice and smile… Continue reading

‘Skeleton’ – The Disraeli Gears

Do a little Google search on “Disraeli Gears” and you’re bound to be bombarded by results referring to the album by the 60’s group Cream. Nope, not the correct band. I’m talking about… Continue reading

The Halstead Clan EP

Cook up a mixture of folky guitars and sprinkle it with a touch of good old rock’n’roll and you get The Halstead Clan: an act not to be missed if you’re looking for a… Continue reading