Other Fellow Bloggers

Cein’s Music Corner – Thoughts on all things music presented by one of my dear friends.

Letters From The Wasteland – “If you need to put me in a box, I guess you could say I’m a music enthusiast” – words of Mr Ethan Greenwood, whose opinions are always worthy of note. Take note.

Music Gets Me By – Eva’s “little space for expressing my strong passion for music and promoting the hell out of it!”. She’s like the musical twin I never had.

Riot On The RadioRun by Jamie Kendrick, who was one of the first bloggers I encountered when I started this journey. Quality material right here.

English Rock Melody – A clear tagline: “Non-British outlook on British rock music”. Being non-British with an outlook on British music myself, I can relate! Come on, British is best! (music, of course).

Soundhall – Set up by Ryan Kellingray and now consisting of a whole team of writers, this is one of the most successful independent blogs I’ve ever come across. There must be a reason…!