Slough Pride!

Good news, fellow Slough-ians. Perhaps we don’t live in a musical craphole after all… Anybody who lives in this stunningly beautiful city knows that, unsurprisingly, not many good things come out from it –… Continue reading


Hi! I haven’t written for a few days, so I thought I’d freshen this blog up a little (: For the past week or so, my thoughts have been revolving around one, certain… Continue reading

TOP 10 OF 2010 revealed! :D

Here it is, the most anticipated post on this otherwise boring blog! What you’ve ALL been waiting for! I am about to reveal the Top 10 Of 2010 and put all you eager… Continue reading

Move over, iPod. The PLAYBUTTON is here!

After hearing the news that HMV is to shut 60 of its stores in the Uk and Ireland following a 20% loss in their profits (hell yeah I sound smart 8D), it becomes… Continue reading

[Download] The Peasant Dramatic – Sleeping Golden October

A quickie! I have recently (okay, very recently, as this was only a couple of days ago) discovered a nice little band called The Peasant Dramatic. So perhaps they’re not quite so little,… Continue reading

Have yourselves a merry 2011.

[NOTE: The “Best Album of 2010” poll has now been closed, the results are in, and you can expect the write-up sometime in the near future ;D Already working on it!] Two weeks… Continue reading

[Download] R.E.M – “Discoverer”

I love getting free music! Even better when that free music is legal, too. It is true that nothing in life ever comes for free, so technically, downloading R.E.M’s taster track off their… Continue reading


14th of December, and my advent calendar (yes, I’m cool enough for one) has sat unopened since the 2nd of Dec. Why? Oh, because I’ve been spending all of my time analysing some… Continue reading

MUSE – Wembley Stadium 11/09/10

  So. I’m sitting here, thinking “What can I write about?” So I thought – ah! I could do some gig reviews! And since Muse are my favourite band ever ever EVER, it… Continue reading

Don’t Underestimate Biffy’s Amazingness.

Yay, a milestone that can now be ticked off! Help me keep the views up 😀 Ok, so I don’t know about you guys, but last night, my Facebook was bombarded with X-Factor… Continue reading