James Blake: ‘Retrograde’

No words needed. This is class.

Jeff Buckley was So Real.

Excuse this random out of the blue reflection, but my shuffled playlist did a great job of reminding me today just how amazing Jeff Buckley and his music were – and I reckoned… Continue reading

Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group, ‘Nighthawks’

Upon receiving a cheery e-mail from the frontlady of Maglia Rosa Group, I was instantly intrigued to check out the music behind the friendly introduction. I’m glad I did too, for I have… Continue reading

Introducing: Oliver Sadie

It’s about time I shared some classical gems with you. I would like to introduce the music of Oliver Sadie into your life – you’ll thank me later! His works are among my… Continue reading

The Villagers: ‘The Waves’

Wow. Definitely not the usual material we’re used to from doe-eyed Conor O’Brien and his Dublin band. ‘The Waves‘ is a new single from The Villagers‘ sophomore album {Awayland}, which was released earlier… Continue reading

The HMV Demise.

It was inevitable, really. I’m not going to pretend to be a business expert but, from what I understand, the company has been wilting miserably over the past couple of years, because in… Continue reading

Introducing: JP Cooper

With a voice to shake the roof, JP Cooper is the first unsigned act of 2013 that I present to you. The reason for this is.. well, pretty self-explanatory. I am hooked and… Continue reading

20 Tracks I Will Remember 2012 by.

Welcome to 2013! Another year gone, another fresh year to come – one filled with a great line-up of new music on the production line. I’ll probably write a post outlining things that… Continue reading

Top 5 of 2012 – Results.

Greetings! Having consumed twice my own weight in turkey, cranberry sauce and Quality Street chocolate, I return in festive spirits to summarise your 2012’s best musical outputs – ¬†thanks for all your votes… Continue reading

Introducing: Tom Dibb

You remember that post I wrote about my respect for buskers? Well, with such festive spirits in the air, I happened to befriend one particular guy with a captivating guitar, voice and smile… Continue reading