Best of 2012!

Well hello there. Guys, it’s that time of the year when you can legitimately and without a shade of humiliation listen to that Christmas track Mariah Carey recorded some years ago, dancing around… Continue reading

‘Cough Cough’ – Everything Everything

Hearing ‘Cough Cough‘ on the radio for the first time was like downing a quadruple shot espresso with a double helping of sugar. A little, massive burst of energy wrapped in a neat,… Continue reading


Hi all, Winter is just round the corner, but although my lack of posts may indicate otherwise, I haven’t yet gone into hibernation (: This is a semi-exciting period in my life, where… Continue reading

‘Skeleton’ – The Disraeli Gears

Do a little Google search on “Disraeli Gears” and you’re bound to be bombarded by results referring to the album by the 60’s group Cream. Nope, not the correct band. I’m talking about… Continue reading

Alex Turner – Submarine OST

I realised recently that though my undying love for Alex Turner grows exponentially and his band’s ‘Humbug’ is a usual passenger in the side door of my car, I have never really considered… Continue reading

The Halstead Clan EP

Cook up a mixture of folky guitars and sprinkle it with a touch of good old rock’n’roll and you get The Halstead Clan:¬†an act not to be missed if you’re looking for a… Continue reading

The Perks of Being a Listener.

I want to write. I don’t know what I want to write about, but I just want to write. Yearning to surround yourself with galaxies and numbers in later life doesn’t mean you… Continue reading

Mumford and Sons deliver Babel!

Call it folk. Call it cringeworthy. Go ahead, you may even call it unauthentic. But there’s one undeniable fact about Mumford And Sons‘ new album ‘Babel‘ – it has definitely passed the “shaky… Continue reading

Hello Again.

After a month of silence, I finally decide to make a come-back! I dislike having to blame my recently hectic life, but I have no other reason. Since I last wrote, a lot… Continue reading

The Lost Art of Street Busking.

There’s something special about street buskers. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s the break you take from your daily routine of rushing about without a minute to spare; then sparing that… Continue reading