Muse – “Survival” BBC1 world premiere.

Cheese. Lots and lots and lots of parmezan; Survival is a cheese fest! But what do you know, you can never have too much of the stuff. I think the fact that Twitter… Continue reading

The Adelines – “Little Games”

Fresh music, yay! This dose of freshness is brought to us by a four-piece who name themselves The Adelines – you probably haven’t heard of them. Thank me later. Managed by none other… Continue reading

Canterbury – “Saviour”

Here I am, writing another post to add to the pile of my Canterbury ramblings. I promised myself I’d stop constantly writing about these guys so as to not seem like a crazy… Continue reading

Maximo Park – ‘The Undercurrents’ (Acoustic)

. They’ve done it again. I’ve no words. Just love. And lots of it. The National Health is out Monday 11th June. Listen to the track previews by following the link. No regrets.

Muse Album Trailer: “The 2nd Law”

… i.e. the conservation of energy. I don’t normally go for two posts in one day, but… . YES. YES YES YES. DOUBLEPLUSGOOD MOTHERTRUCKIN’ YES. These guys just can’t write a simple album… Continue reading

The Dark Black Dot

I realise this is completely and utterly unrelated to this blog, but it’s very rare that another planet crosses the space between the Earth and our Sun, thus last night’s/this morning’s transit of… Continue reading

Jeff Buckley, aka Scott Moorhead: 1966 – 1997

┬áThere’s a piece of him in my room, in the form of a guitar. Its name? Buckley. Not only was he one of the most inspiring musicians of the late 20th century; he… Continue reading

iTunes Festival 2012

Here is a reason why sometimes I’m really glad for iTunes. FREE FESTIVAL. Every year, London’s Roundhouse devotes a month to a string of relatively small scale gigs of big artists. The only… Continue reading

This week I’ve been listening to…

Hola. Buried underneath all my revision, I decide to poke my head out momentarily and say hello to the world. I know lots of you also have exams – damn you, silly May… Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award!

Ahoy! My ship has now returned to its harbour after a while of voyaging around the oceans of life. In the time it’s been sailing, I have managed to scoop up a new… Continue reading