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Bringing 2013 To A Close.

Ho ho ho! Since all the radio stations are now whipping out the Christmas songs, my husband Michael Bubl√© has made his annual festive reappearance on every single TV show in existence and… Continue reading

Summertime sounds.

My friends, we meet again. I have decided to get past the prospect of a potentially embarrassing come-back after such a lengthy silence and write a little something, since for the first time… Continue reading

20 Tracks I Will Remember 2012 by.

Welcome to 2013! Another year gone, another fresh year to come – one filled with a great line-up of new music on the production line. I’ll probably write a post outlining things that… Continue reading

This Week’s Whatnots.

I normally try to stay away from these vague sort of posts, but I have not written for an unforgivable amount of time and thus feel inclined to do a little post on… Continue reading

Top 11 of 2011 RESULTS. Rawkin’ new year to you all!

Results are in, guys. The poll has now been shut and I shall reveal all this instant! Some of the top 11 albums are ones I personally expected to appear up there, but… Continue reading

Turner: “I’m not miserable. It’s just me face”.

Here’s a little confession: I have been monkeying around in the Arctic a little more than is healthy in the past week or so. You know why? Because I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT… Continue reading

Monkey Literature.

Hey guys! What a fantastical day, I’m sure all you year 11’s out there will agree. NO MORE ENGLISH!!…wait, that’s unless you’re taking language as A-level. Or literature….or both. I am most likely… Continue reading

Apparently, “My Propeller” isn’t about HIS propeller.

The story of Arctic Monkeys: a bunch of teens from Sheffield with a passion for loud, rowdy music full of guitar riffs and shouty vocals. In 2006, they scored themselves the fastest-selling debut… Continue reading