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1st Ecollab: Charlie Brown

Very rarely do you get Youtube-based collaborations so damn good that the views shoot up to a lovely 10k within 24 hours of uploading. (In comparison, this blog has taken just over a whole… Continue reading

Brit Awards 2012

Skiing, pancakes, Brits, Whitney…. so many things happening this/last week! So much so that I have had absolutely no time at all to blog; my apologies fly out to you like the swarm… Continue reading

Top 11 of 2011 RESULTS. Rawkin’ new year to you all!

Results are in, guys. The poll has now been shut and I shall reveal all this instant! Some of the top 11 albums are ones I personally expected to appear up there, but… Continue reading

Festive Blabberings.

The Christmas Charts. Oh dear. With only 2 days to go, it is justifiable for me to have yet another rant about the absurdity of the “charts”, especially when it comes to Christmas.… Continue reading

Q Awards 2011 + Poll Results!

Hey there! This will be quick. I apologise. So.. the Q Awards! Let’s start with the award of The Greatest Act Of The Last 25 Years – the one I personally was the… Continue reading