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Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group, ‘Nighthawks’

Upon receiving a cheery e-mail from the frontlady of Maglia Rosa Group, I was instantly intrigued to check out the music behind the friendly introduction. I’m glad I did too, for I have… Continue reading

‘Skeleton’ – The Disraeli Gears

Do a little Google search on “Disraeli Gears” and you’re bound to be bombarded by results referring to the album by the 60’s group Cream. Nope, not the correct band. I’m talking about… Continue reading

Better Off Dead – Lostprophets [MP3]

Random splash of excitement in my life: the blog has almost reached 6k views! Perhaps not as spectacular an achievement as some other bloggers achieve, but an achievement nonetheless. Thanks guys ^^ For… Continue reading

[MP3] Canterbury – Thank You

I must say, I was quite chuffed to find this in the post today: A little note. A band that goes by the name of Canterbury sent me this; 4 lovely guys that… Continue reading

[Download] The Farewell Circuit (some EP’s)

Theme change! I thought this blog was turning a little messy and all over the place, so I decided to tidy it up a little. But I’m still not convinced D: Anyway, today’s… Continue reading

[Download] The Peasant Dramatic – Sleeping Golden October

A quickie! I have recently (okay, very recently, as this was only a couple of days ago) discovered a nice little band called The Peasant Dramatic. So perhaps they’re not quite so little,… Continue reading

[Download] R.E.M – “Discoverer”

I love getting free music! Even better when that free music is legal, too. It is true that nothing in life ever comes for free, so technically, downloading R.E.M’s taster track off their… Continue reading