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1st Ecollab: Charlie Brown

Very rarely do you get Youtube-based collaborations so damn good that the views shoot up to a lovely 10k within 24 hours of uploading. (In comparison, this blog has taken just over a whole… Continue reading

An Interview With… Lauren Aquilina!

My first ever interview: now in the bag…. phew. And what better interviewee to begin this whole media mumbojumbo with than with the lovely Lauren Aquilina! The 16-year-old is a bombshell. With a… Continue reading

Megamusemania and Kate McGill.

Heyho. Random update, but my lone ventures across the web have led me to discover this blog: http://300wordsaboutmuse.wordpress.com It is the daughter blog of “Random Musings Of A Curious Mind”, which, if you have caught… Continue reading