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Summertime sounds.

My friends, we meet again. I have decided to get past the prospect of a potentially embarrassing come-back after such a lengthy silence and write a little something, since for the first time… Continue reading

Brit Awards 2012

Skiing, pancakes, Brits, Whitney…. so many things happening this/last week! So much so that I have had absolutely no time at all to blog; my apologies fly out to you like the swarm… Continue reading

Lana Del Rey and I, we were born to die.

Having completely and despicably neglected this blog for various reasons and for a substantial amount of time, I return just in time to make a hasty report on Lana Del Rey’s upcoming single… Continue reading

Q Awards 2011 + Poll Results!

Hey there! This will be quick. I apologise. So.. the Q Awards! Let’s start with the award of The Greatest Act Of The Last 25 Years – the one I personally was the… Continue reading

All that Jazz!

Hi there. I seem to have drowned in the ocean of coursework, thus seemingly vanishing from planet Blog altogether! I won’t even try and excuse myself for having abandoned writing; all I can… Continue reading