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Muse – ‘Madness’ BBC1 premiere

Please excuse the abundance of Muse on here lately, but they keep releasing material that I keep having mixed opinions about. Here’s another one. I promise this will be quick. I think it’s… Continue reading

His Plug In Baby.

IS IT HERE IS IT HERE IS IT HERE? IT BABY BELLAMY HERE? Well, numerous sources confirm that yes, little Bellamy is here. Here. Here. Here.¬†And here. But, being a keen media student,… Continue reading

Happy New Year 33AB!

“33 After Bellamy”. ;D On the 9th June of the year 1978, the zetas brought us a glorious new born. He was named Matthew James, and grew up to be the best band… Continue reading

She Burns Like THE SUN.

Having felt a little isolated from the Muse scene recently, I shall dedicate this post to this godly trio. Tweeters will probably (hopefully!) have seen Chris Wolstenholme’s latest tweet,¬†regarding the BS article in… Continue reading