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Sun, Sombrero and Santa. Hello 2014!

At the beginning of a new year, I normally quite like to give an overview on which potential new acts may experience the spotlight; talk about some new releases brewing up in the… Continue reading

Top 5 of 2012 – Results.

Greetings! Having consumed twice my own weight in turkey, cranberry sauce and Quality Street chocolate, I return in festive spirits to summarise your 2012’s best musical outputs – ¬†thanks for all your votes… Continue reading

Muse – ‘Madness’ BBC1 premiere

Please excuse the abundance of Muse on here lately, but they keep releasing material that I keep having mixed opinions about. Here’s another one. I promise this will be quick. I think it’s… Continue reading

Muse – ‘Unsustainable’ sparks fanbase war.

This will be the most honest personal opinion I can give. Be prepared. In the build-up to the Olympics closing ceremony, where a very special trio is promised to play live, The Muse… Continue reading

Muse – “Survival” BBC1 world premiere.

Cheese. Lots and lots and lots of parmezan; Survival is a cheese fest! But what do you know, you can never have too much of the stuff. I think the fact that Twitter… Continue reading

Muse Album Trailer: “The 2nd Law”

… i.e. the conservation of energy. I don’t normally go for two posts in one day, but… . YES. YES YES YES. DOUBLEPLUSGOOD MOTHERTRUCKIN’ YES. These guys just can’t write a simple album… Continue reading

Just a Quickie – NME Awards 2012

For some reason, I am growing an increasing dislike towards the NME. There’s something about them that starts to really annoy me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It may be… Continue reading

Merry 2012!

Hello, fellow peasants. I return, wishing everybody a joyous new year and a successful fulfilment of your resolutions! …*sigh* Who are you kidding; you’re NOT gonna keep going to the gym for the… Continue reading

Oh Dommeh.

Something completely and utterly random I found among the ancient files on my PC. Written a couple of years ago, a description of Dom Howard of Muse, in Charles Dickens style :’) “A… Continue reading

Muse @ Reading 2011 – Full coverage!

HOW HAVE I ONLY JUST SEEN THIS!? EDIT: hang on…… what led me to think this was the full coverage!? I lied. This is the full BBC3 COVERAGE, not the whole set. Oh… Continue reading