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Muse – ‘Unsustainable’ sparks fanbase war.

This will be the most honest personal opinion I can give. Be prepared. In the build-up to the Olympics closing ceremony, where a very special trio is promised to play live, The Muse… Continue reading

Just a Quickie – NME Awards 2012

For some reason, I am growing an increasing dislike towards the NME. There’s something about them that starts to really annoy me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It may be… Continue reading

All that Jazz!

Hi there. I seem to have drowned in the ocean of coursework, thus seemingly vanishing from planet Blog altogether! I won’t even try and excuse myself for having abandoned writing; all I can… Continue reading

Guitars on the Lowe…

Before I even begin writing this entry, I should like to apologise for yet another insight into the world of NME… My blog is starting to look like a cheap rip-off of that… Continue reading