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Earliest Radiohead Demos!

You know that giddy feeling of your favourite band suddenly brushing the cobwebs off of some ancient, unheard-of demos from a time before you were even spawned? That kind of “yeah this is… Continue reading

Q Awards 2011 + Poll Results!

Hey there! This will be quick. I apologise. So.. the Q Awards! Let’s start with the award of The Greatest Act Of The Last 25 Years – the one I personally was the… Continue reading

All that Jazz!

Hi there. I seem to have drowned in the ocean of coursework, thus seemingly vanishing from planet Blog altogether! I won’t even try and excuse myself for having abandoned writing; all I can… Continue reading

YEAAAHH freedoooooom is miiiiiiiiiiine!

I honestly don’t know where I find the time to blog amongst the haystacks of revision that I still need to do! One thing I could not be happier about is the finalisation… Continue reading

No Relevant Information Whatsoever.

Hello world (: My half term was quite amazing, thanks for asking. I emerge in one piece from the distant mountains of Italy, having only managed to fall three times during last week’s skiing… Continue reading